Mammillaria Gracilis


Botanial Name: 

Plant Care:

Light: Bright and sunny
Water: When completely dry
Feed: Cactus fertilizer mix during the growing seasons

With a cylindrical body interwoven with white spines, the Mammillaria Gracilis, also known as thimble cactus, grows in clusters. It even propagates easily and can blossom tiny cream-coloured flowers in winters. Loved by collectors or avid gardeners, this Mammillaria Gracilis is visually appealing and a perfect houseplant.



Also known as the Cereus Tetragonus, this cactus has many stems found at different heights which make it resemble a castle. A lover of bright sunlight, the fairy castle needs to be placed next to a window to ensure best growth. This special type of cacti is fairly popular among cacti lovers.

Additional information

Dimensions 4 × 4 × 6 cm


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